Recruiting Update: Meiko Locksley

New offer and new suitors from top New Mexico athlete What offers do you currently have and what schools have been in contact with you?

Meiko Locksley: I have offers from UNM, NMSU, Towson State d1 AA, and Colorado State seems close. I am in contact with Oregon, Ohio, and Maryland right now.

What things are colleges saying to you? In terms of what position they like you at and what they think of your game?

All the schools I've talked to have told me that they would like to try me at QB first and if that does not work then they believe I have the athleticism to play any other skill position.

Is there something specific you will look for when deciding on a college?

I am looking for a family atmosphere, where I fit on the depth chart, and also how they get there players ready for the next level. I did not mention academics because many schools have my major which is Psychology.

Do you have a preference in terms of offensive scheme you would like to play in?

I don't have a preference because whatever the offensive coordinator runs is what the coach feels confident will work to win ball games.

What has been the biggest change in playing high school football in Illinois and playing in New Mexico?
A big difference is the offense I've ran. In Illinois my team ran the pro offense, and my team here runs the wing T which was a big adjustment for me.

Name one teammate who you think is underrated as a player.
Colin Knee, He is our starting Wide Receiver. Colin is our silent assassin, many teams overlook him and don't key on him, but he is very fast, runs crisp routes, and has sure hands. I never worry about a dropped pass when the ball comes his way.

What part of your game needs the most improvement?
I just want to improve my game overall, I feel that I want to be strong in all areas and not just focus on one attribute.

If you had to play another position besides QB/S what would it be?

Wherever my team needed help; I played a little receiver in my day haha.

What should college recruiters know about Meiko Locksley?

Coaches should know that they are getting a quality character in their program. Being around football all my life has helped me with my football IQ, I really understand the game but I am always willing to learn more because you have to be a student of the game. I also am a December Grad. So I will be academically able to enroll in Jan. and play spring ball. Also, I am a team player to the fullest.

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