Class of 2010 Prospect Rankings

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Class of 2010 Prospect Rankings

1. Zach Daugherty 6'1, 210 LB (Onate HS)- started on top and finishes on top. Daugherty is a very intense player with great instincts and a nose for the ball. He will need to put on some weight but don't be surprised if you see him contribute early at UNM. Zach is a playmaking LB with a nice upside.

2. Jay Serda 5'11, 180 SS (Manzano HS)- Jay Serda is just a playmaker. This young man has stats to match anyone in the country and seems to always be where he needs to. His average speed (4.7) will likely keep him without a D-I offer, but I still grade him out as a D-I player; nice backpedal, great ball skills and consistent game changing ability.

3. Ivan Luna 6'4, 230, TE (Bernalillo HS)- Luna has EVERY tangible quality you want in a D-I player. He is a legit 6'4, 230 and runs a 4.6 40 yard dash. Should Ivan choose to he could be an all conference selection at the D-I level. He will need to find the weight room and polish his technique but this project may be worth it in a year or two.

4. Chris Clees 6'5, 285 OG (Goddard HS)- D-I player with a mean streak on the field and a great attitude off of it. Has very nimble feet and a huge body. Would fit nicely at OG for any D-I program. Hasn't gotten much publicity otherwise he would have been a 4-5 offer guy.

5. Dylan Sydenstriker 6'4, 285 OG (La Cueva HS)- Dylan has a great frame and very good athleticism for an OL. Took his game to another level as a senior and has played his way into a borderline D-I player.

6. Tyler Baker 6'0, 185 QB (Rio Rancho HS)- Dual threat QB with a great release, great technique and nice speed. His good( not great) arm strength and size have limited his interest but this guy is good and a definite college level player; borderline D-I.

7. David Lehocky 6'3, 190 QB (Volcano Vista HS)- Probably the most underrated player in the state. Lehocky has great size, very good arm strength and good accuracy. He is also a legit borderline D-I prospect.

8. David Vega 6'0, 190 ATH (Goddard HS)- The "Tim Tebow of New Mexico high school football". Vega is tough as nails and has produced as well as anyone in the country. He lays crushing hits from his S spot and makes ridiculous throws at quarterback………yet no one projects him as a good prospect. I think he is at absolute worst an all conference D-II player and at best a starter at the D-I level.

9. Meiko Locksley 6'1, 170 ATH (La Cueva HS)- Has every tangible quality to be a good college play at QB or S.

10. Adam Shapiro 5'11, 175 WR (Rio Rancho HS)- Very impressive WR prospect with great hands, body control and elusiveness.

11. Jake Espinoza 5'10, 175 WR (Aztec HS)- Great long speed and playmaking ability; just get the ball in his hands and watch.

12. Richie Chavez 5'11, 250 DE (Clovis HS)- A man amongst boys. If Chavez was 2-3 inches taller he would have 5-7 D-I offers.

13. Seth McVey 6'1, 220 LB (Sandia HS)- College ready body and good athleticism,

14. Taylor Weary 6'3, 195 WR (Alamogordo HS)- Big WR with great body control and soft hands.

15. Zach Hernandez 5'9, 215 FB (Onate HS)- another underrated player who can easily contribute at the D-II level.

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