Class of 2011 Rankings's early look at next year's senior class

1. Matt Hegarty (Aztec) 6'5, 265 OT- Hegarty is an incredible athlete. He has effortless knee bend and has the feet of a TE. In college, he will need to bulk up and get stronger but has next level potential and can play any position on the offensive line. There aren't too many OL prospects like him in the country and if he camps this off season; will be a 20+ offer guy. He is a top 5 OT prospect in the country.

2. Ronnie Daniels (La Cueva) 6'1, 210 RB- Ronnie Daniels is just a flat out playmaker. He is big, quick and powerful. Most schools will want him at RB and he can fit nearly any scheme at that position. His 4.6 speed is good but not elite and schools like USC, Texas etc…may take a look as a S or WR. At the end of the day Ronnie will likely either play RB or WR (depending on the scheme) and the guy is dynamite with the rock in his hand.

3. Matthew Ramondo (Mayfield) 6'4, 275 DT/OT-Ramondo is a disruptive force on the defensive side of the ball and has the room to weigh another 30-40 pounds. Most importantly he is a very agile player who has great feet and good athleticism. Most schools will want him at DT but don't be shocked to see some schools try that athleticism and mean streak on offense at LT. He is good enough to be a high level prospect on either side of the ball.

4. Willie Pounds (Eldorado) 6'3, 320 DT- Pounds is great at freeing up his linebackers and demands a double team on every play. He has surprising explosiveness for such a big kid and is as strong as they come. He offers added value because he is strong enough to not only be a 4-3 DT but also a 3-4 NG.

5. Dustin Walton (Raton) 6'4, 218 QB- College ready body with good arm strength, good accuracy and great decision making. Walton has great touch on all his throws and is very technically sound. If he can improve his overall athletic ability, his stock could shoot up. Dustin is a perfect pocket quarterback and will receive strong looks from teams who run a pro-style offense or teams who spread to pass.

6. Isaac Leon (St. Pius) 6'0, 210, LB/FB- Isaac Leon has some serious upside at the LB position. This young man has the frame to weigh another 20-30 pounds and can move incredibly well in coverage. As a FB prospect he has very soft hands and is very strong but needs technique work in the blocking game. I see Leon getting lots of D-I interest on both sides of the ball.

7. Matt Jaramillo (West Mesa) 6'5, 230 QB- Huge kid with a very big arm and surprising quickness. Matt has D-I talent no question but its going to be hard for him to stand out with the talent around him. If he camps, he will get plenty of interest.

8. Michael Lamb (St. Michaels) 6'3, 225 LB- Big time talent with a great frame and a huge upside. The kind of offers he gets will depend on how well he runs in camps. Still would like more film to evaluate further.

9. Iseah Conklin (Cleveland) 6'0, 175 ATH- Very athletic player who could project at FS,WR or RB. Incredibly good in space and deceptively strong.

10. Quran Wiggins (Clovis) 6'0, 190 RB- Big RB with good speed and a lot of potential.

11. Darien Borders (Clovis) 6'2, 175 WR/FS- Has D-I size, speed and athletic ability; with some work he could be a game changer.

12. Emery Coleman (Tularosa) 6'3, 175 WR- Tall player with solid speed and great ball skills. If he can improve on getting in and out of his breaks (and his feet), he will be a D-I lock.

13. Devante Minor (Mayfield) 5'11, 190 SS- Has a college ready body and covers well in space. Will need to prove he can still run after a serious injury as a junior.

14. Tim Foley (Rio Rancho) 5'8, 165 CB- Very good player with great fundamentals, good technique and a hard nosed mentality.

15. Brandon Branch (Academy) 5'10, 180 WR- Fast and strong Slot WR prospect. Younger brother of NFL player Alan Branch.

Best of the Rest:

Daniel Jaramillo(Belen) 5'11, 180 SS/RB

James Morehead(Sandia) 6'0, 175 RB

Jordan Ratliffe (Sandia) 5'11, 175 FS/RB

Jacob Walters (Manzano) 6'3, 265 OL

Tyler McCulloch (Eldorado) 6'4, 195 WR

Brycson King(Aztec) 6'1, 170 QB

Abram Holland (Cleveland) 6'2, 275 DT

Samson Chavez (Belen ) 6'1, 310 DT

Said Fuentes(Goddard) 6'1, 210 LB

Hank Strauss (Aztec) 6'1, 210 LB

Andy Lopez (Artesia) 5'8, 150 ATH

Kevin Reaves (Manzano) 5'8, 160 WR

Jeremy Burma (Las Cruces) 6'0, 170 QB

Jerry Goodyear (Valley) 6'0, 175 QB/WR

Koby Caton (Artesia) 5'9, 160 WR

Orey Feerer (Valencia) 5'11, 185 SS/P

Mario Flores(Valley) 5'11, 155 WR

Dylan Barba (Belen) 5'8, 150 ATH

Mark Tapia (Cibola) 6'0, 205 LB/FB

Eric Crum (Volcano Vista) 6'2, 250 OL

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