New Jersey Big Man Working Hard For D-1 Level

Reporter Mike Sullivan takes a look at the individual game and regular season progress of division one recruit Luke Piotrowski, who is working very hard to make himself ready to help Richmond next season ...

Luke Piotrowski, a 6-foot-9, 180-pound forward from Atlantic Christian School in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, said he continues to work hard and make himself ready to play division one basketball for the Richmond college basketball program.

"I'm going to work on mainly my strength," he said. "I'm going to campus around June 24th, so I'll be able to work with the strength coach."

There's more to than just on his strength though for Luke. "Along with that conditioning, I know the college game is a completely different speed. So I want to try and get in as best shape as possible."

Luke added: "If i get stronger and in great condition, other parts of my game will develop as well. I can honestly say I'm really looking forward to all the hard work. I know it's gonna be the tough but it all pays off."

Luke averaged close to nine points, nine rebounds and four blocks per contest, a season in which he's overcame a couple of injuries and still make progress in his individual game.


Luke previously overcame a banged up knee. He hurt his knee during the second game of the season but he has recovered from the MCL sprain.


"I have a great relationship with the coaching staff of Richmond and it was one of the main reasons why I decided to go there.

"I also had a great connection with some of the players as well. I really liked the campus. It's a great program and a place where i can see myself contributing so it seemed a perfect fit."

He added: "I feel I can make a contribution on both ends of the court. I'll continue to work hard."

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