Book Giveaway At Basketball Tournament

In addition to showcasing some of the finest young basketball talent in the NYC metropolitan area at the 2nd Annual Big Apple Basketball High School Invitational on Sunday, January 16, 2005 at Baruch College, Big Apple Basketball, Inc. (BAB) will be holding a book giveaway at the tournament.

Big Apple Basketball will be giving away 200 books for children ages pre-school to third grade in order to promote the importance of reading. BAB will also be distributing 200 pamphlets for parents that will provide useful tips and resources to help families help their children develop early literacy and pre-reading skills as well as study skills, time management, and related academic skills essential for success in school.

"Encouraging parents and children to read together at an early age is crucial for the development of literacy skills," says Diana Pardo, pre-school teacher at Little Lambs of Beacon Christian School. "Success at school begins in the home and pamphlets such as these help parents become important partners in education."

For more details, please visit Big Apple Basketball's website.

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