Khaliq Gant's Recovery Continues

Last week, Cornell University issued an update on sophomore guard Khaliq Gant's condition. Gant suffered a serious neck injury during practice on Tuesday, January 25, 2006.

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The following day, Khaliq Gant was listed in critical condition at Arnot Ogden Medical Center in Elmira, N.Y. Successful surgery was performed at the hospital on the 24th.

He suffered two dislocated vertebrate and has has been at the Shepherd Spinal Center in Atlanta, Ga. since February 2nd. After three weeks at Shepherd, he regained movement in his limbs and extremities. By late March, he was able to walk again and is now living in a nearby apartment with his father.

His father, Dean, told us then, "Khaliq is showing great improvement after surgery. We are all very hopeful."

The Norcross, Ga. native prepped at Marion-Tabor Academy in Massachusetts.

From Cornell's press release:

    [A]fter two months of rehabilitation at the Shepherd Spinal Clinic, [Khaliq] has made tremendous progress. Last week Gant moved from Shepherd into an apartment nearby with his father, where he continues intensive therapy at Shepherd on an out-patient basis.

    "It was great," Khaliq's father Dean Gant told the Cornell Daily Sun. "They enjoyed seeing him, he enjoyed seeing them. We went out to eat and had a great time. They picked up right where they left off with the rapport and the banter. Seeing his progress every day has been amazing," Dean said. "His will, his determination, and his spirit have inspired me. It's given me renewed faith and hope in the human spirit."

    Khaliq is currently planning on returning to Cornell in the fall to resume classes.

    During Spring Break. three of his Big Red teammates, juniors Graham Dow, Kevin App and Jason Mitchell, visited Gant for the first time since his stay in the intensive care unit at Arnot Odgen Medical Center in Elmira, N.Y.

    Besides the support of his teammates and coaches, who have visited him more than a half dozen times in Atlanta since his injury, those in the basketball community have also been tremendously responsive. Khaliq and his father attended the NCAA regional final in Atlanta, as guests of Georgia Tech's head coach, Paul Hewitt. Gant has received countless letters from coaches at programs such as Duke and Arizona, and has welcomed the Atlanta Hawks' Josh Smith and the Orlando Magic's Dwight Howard, two local players Khaliq knew from AAU basketball, for visits at Shepherd. First-team All-Ivy selections Matt Stehle of Harvard and Princeton's Scott Greenman were among the more than 200 well-wishers who sent notes of love and encouragement through

    Khaliq is currently planning on returning to Cornell in the fall to resume classes.

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