Eugene Harvey Slices List Down

Eugene Harvey has decided to cut his list down and decide between some Big East schools ...

NEWARK, N.J. -- Lance Thomas may have rebuffed Rutgers on Thursday afternoon, but his St. Benedict's teammate Eugene Harvey is still considering the Scarlet Knights program.

According to Gray Bees Head Coach Dan Hurley, the 5-11 point guard from Brooklyn is considering Rutgers, Pittsburgh and Seton Hall.

"Eugene is going to visit Pitt when we can squeeze it in," Hurley said. "He has the SATs on Saturday, so he has some things on his plate that will affect that visit from happening."

Harvey will likely take his official visit to Pitt over the next week to 10 days. He recently paid official visits to both Cincinnati and Seton Hall.

"He had a great visit to Seton Hall," Hurley said. "He really liked Cincinnati, but they just signed some other guards, and they really didn't want to wait for him to make a decision."

As a result, the Bearcats are no longer in the mix, and Harvey will select from the remaining Big East schools on his list.

"He is going to make a decision from those three schools," Hurley said. "He is going to make a decision based on a school that fits him academically and an opportunity to play right away."

It will be interesting to note what, if any impact Thomas' decision to attend Duke has on Harvey. The duo had openly discussed attending Rutgers together as a strong possibility.

"I think it will have some impact, but not a whole lot," Hurley said. "I think that they knew that they had to make a decision independent of each other, as much as they loved playing together at the high school level."

"College represents new challenges," Hurley continued. "One might have been a better situation for the other, but they both couldn't make it together."

Even though Harvey is still in the midst of his recruiting, it is imperative for him to finish up strongly in the classroom this spring.

"He is about a month away from final grades, and we would like for him to continue improve his SAT score," Hurley added. "But if he finishes the year academically the way he has to this point, he is in great shape."

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