Ineligible Prep Schools

The NCAA's list of ineligible prep schools was released Tuesday. It DOES NOT include any of the programs cited in investigative newspaper reports by the Washington Post or New York Times earlier this year.

The NCAA axe fell Tuesday; but it wasn't the anticipated cutting edge to some major prep programs highlighted by the Post, Times and other newspapers. more Another list is coming that might I.D. some of these programs.

Here is the list of 15 prep schools that are no longer approved for NCAA purposes and are currently marked as inactive in the clearinghouse system. This list includes schools, many which are no longer in existence, that failed to respond to the NCAA's notice.

Non-responders are a simple determination for the NCAA. A more relevant list, addressing programs that replied to the NCAA inquiry, is supposed to be released by July 1, 2006.

Martinez Adult Education        Martinez, Calif. 
Paradise Christian Academy      Paradise, Calif.
American Academy                Miami, Fla. 
Goliath Academy                 Miami Lakes, Fla.
Sagemount School                Miami, Fla.
University High                 Miami, Fla.
Hawaii Electronic School        Honolulu, Hawaii 
North Atlantic Regional High    Lewiston, Maine 
Rich Township HS Phoenix Camp   Park Forest, Ill. 
Celestial Prep                  Philadelphia, Pa.
Einstein Charter School         Morrisville, Pa. 
Philadelphia Christian Academy  Philadelphia, Pa. 
Ranch Academy                   Canton, Texas
Tazewell City Career and Tech   Center Tazewell, Va.
Virginia Beach Central Academy  Virginia Beach, Va.

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