Profile: Upstate Forward Tyrell Lynch

The kid can play. No doubt about it. And it's the reason why so many college coaches are keeping in touch with the upstate forward who has a chance to be a big time college basketball player ... reporter Mike Sullivan of the High School New York/New Jersey website has the details ...

The GC Ballers are one of the country's more talented and exciting AAU programs to watch during tournaments. Head coach Jeff Bishop always seems to be loaded every summer when the AAU season kicks into high gear.

Many college coaches spent plenty of time watching and evaluating the Ballers' roster. One particular player is an intriguing recruit -- Tyrell Lynch, a 6-foot-8 forward.

Lynch is expected to take a prep year this upcoming Fall at the talent rich Patterson School in North Carolina, according to Bishop.

Syracuse has kept an eye on Lynch during the past year. But many other schools, including Tennessee, Rutgers, Seton Hall, Providence, Kansas State, and Iowa State have been previously mentioned by Lynch as programs of interest.

The eventual keys for Lynch is to finish up academically and improve the consistency in his game. Lynch can have a big time game one afternoon and then not continue the momentum the next day.

Lynch has the ability to score from anywhere on the court. His size also gives him an advantage on smaller defenders. But Lynch is agile enough to move past defenders, making him a tough matchup anywhere on the hardwood.

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