Area Forward Target Needs To Prep reporter Mike Sullivan of the High School New York/New Jersey website has the latest information on a player that was awaiting to hear about his eligibility academically. An area school had been showing interest ...

It wasn't the ending National Christian Academy head coach Trevor Brown was hoping for when he last spoke to us about the recruiting status of one of his players.

Several schools had put some time into evaluating 6-foot-6, 212-pound combo forward Ramon Harris with perhaps the idea he could play college basketball this Fall. In fact, when this site first reported the story last July, it appeared only a math course needed to be clarified by the NCAA Clearinghouse. It was.

However, some more issues arose about Harris' academic work, according to Brown. It went as far back as Harris' ninth grade work.

Recently, Brown got the answer. "He didn't make it," Brown said. "So he isn't going to any college."

Brown said Harris now needs to make prepaations to play at a prep school. "Right now, I don't know where he might go," he said. "Hopefully he can get this done real soon."

This site first reported on Harris while he competed at the Reebok Summer East tournament held on the campus of FDU in New Jersey. Harris impressed us with his play. He has the ability to drive with the ball into traffic and against bigger bodies. Harris can defend and alter shots too with his athletic skills.

According to the NCA coaching staff, there was at one time some interest this summer from Providence, Rutgers, Charlotte, George Washington, and Nebraska.

Kentucky had also taken a look at Harris, and according to Brown, were also interested in taking him this Fall. However, the questions about academics put a dent into those aspirations.

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