Big East Schools On The Road Chasing A Guard

Reporter Mike Sullivan discusses why some Big East schools are chasing a New York area guard due to his ability to get to the basket and score points ...

It's the time of the year when college basketball programs spend much time either on a plane or in a car. It's the contact period. And now is the time for college coaches and assistants sit down and talk to players, coaches and families about their schools.

Such is the case today for the St. John's coaching staff, according to sources. Several sources indicate that St. John's will have a chance to watch Melquan Bolding work out.

Bolding has been pretty clear about his recruiting process. The guard from Archbishop Stepinac in Westchester County has already said that St. John's and Louisville are among his top schools.

Each of these Big East schools are showing interest in Bolding due to Melquan's ability to score around the basket. He creates chaos inside the paint for defenders.

He also has a chance to get stronger and be even more of a threat at 6-foot-4. Bolding has been trying to improve his perimeter game too. Coaches are likely to watch and evaluate him over the next few months as his school prepares for the 2006-2007 season.

So with St. John's rolling in tonight for a visit, Bolding is likely to get more feedback on what the Red Storm coaching staff is thinking.

It's likely Louisville will send the same message too. Bolding hopes to visit each of the schools before he makes a decision.

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