Charles: Just A Formality East Coast recruiting expert Mike Sullivan had a chance to speak to New York Panthers' program director Gary Charles about the status of one of his players ...

It has been reported a couple of times that Rashad Green, the 6-foot-3 swingman from Bridgton Academy in Maine, will end up at North Carolina State. Though officially it hasn't been announced, New York Panthers program director Gary Charles expects Green to play in the ACC.

"The staff (NC State) has been to the school," Charles said. "Now the staff wants to meet the family at home. It's a formality."

Green competed this afternoon for the New York Panthers against the Shooting Stars, a team that featured such players like Samardo Samuels and Miles Beatty. The Panthers won the game in overtime.

Rashad showed an improved confidence in his game. He scored 18 points, buried some outside jumpers, moved well without the ball, and had several assists and steals in the big victory at IS8.

"He does a lot of positive things on the court," Charles said. "He can cut to the basket without the ball. He can help in the break. And he can deflect balls and get steals."

Green did all that in the exciting overtime thriller. It was obvious that Rashad's confidence in his jumper has been elevated, as Bridgton head coach Whit Lesure stated in our last interview with him.

"Once the family meets the coaching staff, it should be done," Charles said.

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