Does Rice High School Have Best Backcourt? East Coast recruiting expert Mike Sullivan is excited about watching the Rice High School basketball team this season ...

When basketball fans think about New York high basketball, immediately thoughts about all the great guards that have come out of this area. Traditionally, Rice High School has been one program over the past decade or so that has been involved in challenging for the Catholic League championship.

This season will be no different.

Two of the big reasons are the incredible talents of Kemba Walker and Lamont Jones (Pictured in the story). Walker had a terrific summer playing for Billy Lovett and the New York City Gauchos program. Already Walker, a 2008 prospect, has his supporters. The area colleges and universities are already recruiting him hard. In fact, Walker has already taken an unofficial visit to St. John's.

Lovett has been very vocal about his thoughts regarding Walker, stating he is one of the best guards in his class. He won't get any disgreement here.

So right away, Rice High School is a threat. But add in the offensive skills and defending strengths of Lamont Jones, and this is a very dangerous team.

Jones was simply amazing last weekend at IS8, pouring in 38 points against a very talented Shooting Stars team. He rarely forces his shot too. Lamont has the ability to find open teammates for easy baskets and get this -- hit a medium range jumper. Oh, and he uses the window to drop in his jumper sometimes. A throwback? Maybe.

But Lamont is quite effective in the high-paced game. But his ability to stay in control on drives and in transition will make him one of the better prospects in 2008.

It's known that Jones favors Louisville. And Lamont has indicated if everything works out the way he plans over the next two years to three years, he expects to play for Rick Pitino at Louisville.

What this all means is there's another season of exciting basketball ahead for Rice High School. And the guards shall lead them this season.

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