Jardine: Scoop An Exciting Player To Watch

Scout.com East Coast recruiting expert Mike Sullivan had an opportunity to watch a Syracuse recruit perform his magic on the court this week ...

Syracuse University has had its fair share of great guards in its basketball program over the past few decades -- including Pearl Washington and Gerry McNamara (to name a couple). So it was no surprise that Jim Boeheim's basketball program was able to convince Philadelphia area guard Antonio Jardine to make a commitment to Syracuse University.

"They have had a lot of great players," said Jardine. "I wanted to go to a school that had a winning tradition too."

The attraction of the Syracuse basketball program goes beyond winning too for players that make their living competing in the backcourt. For the past couple of decades, recruits of smaller size always point out the ability to create and freely run an offense as being very important in thinking about the Syracuse program.

So it appears that "Scoop" fits in neatly with the Syracuse program. Jardine loves to razzle and dazzle up and down the court. He is smooth too, sometimes deceptive with his speed. But he always produces good results -- which is the bottom line.

Over the past few weeks, Jardine has played for the Playaz Club of New Jersey -- the senior version. He also plays with high school teammate Rick Jackson, a 6-foot-8 forward who also has given a commitment to Syracuse University. It's a good opportunity for each of them to gather up more playing time together in a very competitive atmosphere.

Scoop hails from St. John Neumann in Philadelphia. It is a school with a terrific reputation on the court. And based upon our experience in watching coaching staffs over the past two decades, it is a program well run.

Jardine hopes to continue his play with the Playaz at IS8 this Fall. This site will continue to have updates from the country's top local league over the next few weeks as the teams prepare for the playoffs.

But whether Jardine's team advances far into the next round won't determine what others think of him as a basketball player. Most basketball onlookers are already convinced Syracuse has the makings of another great guard ready to enter the program next season.

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