New Jersey Swingman Polishing Game At IS8

Reporter Mike Sullivan of the High School New York/New Jersey website profiles a player from New Jersey who hopes to have a big career in college ...

Corey Raji is expected about his upcoming season at Westwood High School in New Jersey. He is preparing for his senior year by competing with the Playaz Club of New Jersey senior AAU team in the Fall IS8 league.

Over the past few weeks, Raji has played at IS8. He continues to try and make improvements in his game. It's a year that the coaches at Boston College will monitor since Raji has already given the Eagles a verbal commitment.

Corey, who also had interest in Virginia, Miami, Seton Hall, and Nebraska, hopes to make himself a stronger player and more consistent along the perimeter. "I always try to work on all parts of my game," he said.

"I think I can help out at a few positions," he added. "I can play guard or forward."

For Raji to be slotted at the backcourt position, he will need to be more consistent with his jumper. He did drop in a couple of threes last weekend at IS8.

"I am trying to get stronger too," he said.

It's easier for high school players to progress in the physical department once they attend college. The reasons being is more time to work in a weight room and more time is available for players like Raji to improve his strength. And the facilities are usually better at colleges and high schools.

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