New Jersey Guard Can Be Major Impact Player's East Coast recruiting expert Mike Sullivan takes a look at a guard from New Jersey who is a very capable offensive player ...

The Fall IS8 League is among the best in the country. It allows local and national players a chance to compete for a few weekends against each other. And it's a good gauge for these players to see how they have progressed in preparation for the high school season.

It's one way to see how Miles Beatty, a 6-foot-2 guard from St. Anthony's High School in Jersey City, New Jersey, stacks up against tough competition. Beatty has played for the Shooting Stars at IS8 and also competed for the Westchester Hawks durin the summer.

Beatty is a streaky shooter. When his game is on, he has incredible range. If a cold streak melts down his game, then Miles needs to be better at getting back on track.

Miles' recent commitment to George Washington is an excellent choice. Karl Hobbs has done an outstanding job for this program and he understands what it takes to install mental toughness in his players.

Playing this season under Bobby Hurley, Sr will also help Beatty. Hurley, Sr., among the best high school coaches in the nation, teaches structure, discipline, and court IQ. These are such important areas for any high school player.

Beatty can be a tremendous impact player on the offensive end. In a recent game at IS8, Beatty hit for four three-pointers en route to a 16-point effort.

It's up to Miles in how far his progress goes. But he is certainly at the right high school to make those improvements. And if the progress continues, George Washington will have an impact player in their program for four years.

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