Syracuse Recruit Enjoying IS8 Fall League's East Coast recruiting expert Mike Sullivan discusses the game of Rick Jackson, who will play for Syracuse University next season ...

Rick Jackson and Antonio Jardine have been together for a while as teammates. Each of them compete for St. John Neumann in Philadelphia, Penn. during the high school season.

Jardine and Jackson also play occasionally with the Playaz Club of New Jersey at certain events. Over the past couple of weeks they have participated with the Playaz Senior team in the IS8 Fall League held in Queens, New York.

Jardine is the smooth lead guard while Jackson is the battler in the paint. Jackson, a lefty, scored 10 points in a game this past weekend in a contest against Real Scout. He moves well without the ball and Jardine does a good job looking to feed the big man inside. Jackson smartly uses his 6-foot-8, 220-pound frame to his advantage.

"He's a great guard to play with," Jackson said.

And they will continue to play this winter on the high school level. Then the next step is to play with Jim Boeheim's Syracuse University basketball program. "I am looking forward to it," Jackson said. "It should be fun to play with Scoop there."

"Scoop" is Jardine's nickname. Jackson and Jardine seem to work well together. On three occasions, Jardine found Jackson sliding from the high post to the low post. Scoop found Jackson with a pass, giving Rick a better shot at scoring due to the entry throw by Jardine.

It's a combination that Boeheim and his assistants are counting on for the future. For now, Jackson is working on all parts of his game. Rick would like to extend his game more. He scores the bulk of his points around the basket. But he is a hard worker who is agile enough to score along the baseline.

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