Gary Charles: Lester Made A Great Choice's East Coast recruiting expert Mike Sullivan spoke to Gary Charles about the commitment of Nathaniel Lester ...

New York Panthers' program director Gary Charles spent some time over the past year watching Nathaniel Lester of Canarsie High School in Brooklyn, New York develop a solid reputation as a prospect. And he was extremely happy that Lester chose a school like Hofstra.

"I haven't spoken to him yet," Charles said of Lester's commitment to Hofstra. "But I will say he made the right choice, the right level. Whoever helped him out with the decision should be applauded. They did a great job."

Charles praised the basketball program of Hofstra. "They do a great job with their team, their players and the school," Charles said. "Nathaniel should be able to help Hofstra for the next four years and be an impact player. Along with Jenkins, Hofstra is going to have a very good team over the next few years."

Lester first shined before us at IS8 in last year's Spring League. Nathaniel, a 6-foot-4, 185-pound rising senior, averaged over 20 points a game last year.

He also had serious interest in UMass, Xavier, St. Francis, and Fordham at one time in his recruiting process. Here are just a few of the scouting reports we compiled over the past few months on his individual game:

Tom Konchalski, National Recruiting Scout from the HSBI report: He can shoot the basketball. He's not great at creating for himself, but he will play within the flow of the game and let shots find him.

Russ Blake,'s High School New York Site: When Lester got some open looks, he knocked his shots down. He was a little less effective in creating with his dribble.

Mike Sullivan: Lester didn't play with a great team at the ABCD camp. But he has proven against tough competition the ability to score. Once he feels more comfortable in utilizing his dribble to shake a defender for a shot, he will be a solid college basketball player.

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