Landesberg's Performance Impressive At IS8's East Coast recruiting expert Mike Sullivan had a chance to watch and talk to Sylven Landesberg, the outstanding player from Holy Cross High School

It was evident early on that the JR All Stars were stacked with gobs of talent. And it was clear it was going to take an incredible effort by the Knights to upend the eventual champions of the IS8 Fall League.

But Sylven Landesberg, the outstanding offensive gem from Holy Cross High School in Flushing, New York, continued his impressive display in one of the toughest local leagues in the country. Landesberg recorded 46 points in a losing effort in one of the semifinal playoff games held yesterday at IS8.

"It was disappointing to lose," Landesberg said after the game. "We played hard. We lost to a great team."

Landesberg, a 2008 prospect, impressed many basketball experts over the last couple of weeks with his terrific offensive displays. He showed the ability to score in traffic and also handle the ball in transition.

As Sylven gains more maturity physically, he will be a tough player to defend on any level. "I am going to try and get stronger," Landesberg said. "I want to be able to score more consistency from the outside too."

There are several schools from the Big East recruiting him hard as well as some big name schools from across the country. "It's mainly Big East schools," Landesberg stated. "But Georgia Tech is in there too."

The Big East schools Landesberg mentioned were St. John's, Seton Hall, Connecticut, Miami, Rutgers, Louisville, Florida, Virginia, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Kentucky, and Florida State.

"I don't have a leader," Landesberg said. "I will take my time before I decide."

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