New Yorker Ready For College Challenge's East Coast recruiting expert Mike Sullivan profiles New Yorker Tyrell Lynch ...

There are many aspects a college coaching staff inspects when searching out top talent to join their basketball program. Obviously, the physical characteristics are very important for most high division one programs. It allows a program to gauge when a recruit will be able to match up against the nation's best talent.

For Tyrell Lynch, now at the Laurinburg Institute in North Carolina, he had quite a bit of proper training at such places like Niagara Falls High School and with the GC Ballers AAU program.

But Lynch always possessed size and it was an immediate attraction to most college basketball programs. Utilizing it in a proper way though was just one stage for Lynch to improve.

At 6-foot-8, Lynch had the size to beat up on smaller defenders inside the paint. But he also was like many big players -- they love their jumpers. Lynch has the benefit of doing each effectively -- when needed.

Ballers head coach Jeff Bishop has been a big fan of Lynch and believes he will be a terrific college player for Auburn, the school he made a commitment to a while ago.

On Auburn, Bishop said: "They were involved for a long time. It's a great conference for Tyrell to play in." Tyrell should continue to improve all aspects of his game. But he has an advantage -- size. It's how he uses it will determine how successful he will be in the SEC over the next four seasons.

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