OSNA Guard Sitting Out Due To Injury

Reporter Mike Sullivan has a story about a guard who needs to get more healthy ...

Our Savior New American has had some of the best talent in the New York area over the past several seasons. There have been some years in which OSNA was considered even among the best programs nationally.

And each season, Our Savior New American plays a solid schedule. They usually take on most challengers and attend some of the country's top tournaments during the winter.

There have been some elite players in the program too as demonstrated by Tello Palacios success at Louisville.

So it's always important to visit the Centereach gym on Long Island and watch the talent each season. However, this season the OSNA team has been hampered by injuries and a needed desire to improve the guard position.

"Enrique is hurt," said assistant coach Eric Jaklitsch. "He has a high-ankle sprain."

Eric is talking about 2007 prospect Enrique Cova Benitez, a 6-foot-2 guard who is considered a division one recruit.

Benitez is needed for OSNA to have a more successful season. He is a stable guard who can deliver some better backcourt play to help this traditionally rich basketball program.

OSNA backs away from no school as shown by its great schedule each year. Benitez would be a welcome addition if he can mend quickly.

How Benitez comes back from the injury will determine the level of interest. But there's no doubt mid-level to low-level schools would look. Maybe there's a program like FDU, Albany, St. Francis, Stony Brook, etc in his future?

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