7-4 Big Man Falls Under Radar Screen

Reporter Mike Sullivan spoke to Jim Hart about a player from Troy High School in upstate New York ...

It's hard to believe that most division one college coaches don't know anything about a player who stands 7-foot-4 and weighs 295 pounds. But, according to Albany City Rocks program director Jim Hart, it's true.

Hart is referring to big man Jameson Keefe from Troy High School in Troy, N.Y. "He didn't play any AAU ball last summer," said Hart. "He had surgery on his ankles so no one saw him play."

Hart isn't saying that Keefe can play like Patrick Ewing. But he does believe that Jameson is quite capable of making a contribution to some division one program down the road.

"I think there may be only four schools that know about him," said Hart, who wanted to keep quiet about those four schools. "So the rest of the 300 plus coaches I think don't know much about him."

Hart added: "I think his love of the game has grown over the past year. He's feeling better after the surgery and enjoying his season."

Keefe is also a very good student. "Ivy schools should at least take a look," Hart said. "Some coaches have told me maybe he can take a prep year or redshirt to give him another year to develop."

Hart feels Keefe is mobile enough too. "He has good hands," Hart said. "He's getting better each week. He had a triple double already this year (17 points, 14 rebounds, and 12 blocks). He will come out when the pace of the game is very high."

And Keefe has a familiar name in his family. "He's the cousin of Brad Sheehan (Georgia Tech)," Hart said. "I think he was always in the shadow of Brad up there. But Jameson is worth a look."

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