Former Wings Academy Guard Has D-1 Interest

Reporter Brian Towey has the story of a player who competed previously for Wings Academy ...

Tony Bergeron's move to American Christian School in Aston, Pa., brought with it a slew of new faces. One player whose game didn't come with a how-to manual was Joshua Spivey. The 5-foot-11 baby bull was a linchpin for Bergeron's teams at Wings Academy in the Bronx, and he joined him in his new environs.

"He's awesome," said Bergeron. "What you see if what you get. He's intense. He plays tough "D". He's not afraid of the big stage. He's basically the same player I had at Wings but now he can score more."

Spivey averaged eight points, eight rebounds, and 10 assists for Bergeron at Wings last year on a team with a number of Division I prospects. He was originally a member of the class of 2007, but reclassified to 2008 upon his transfer.

Ruggedly put together at over 200 pounds, Spivey is a bowling ball of a player who is physical, tough, and active. He is a versatile backcourt player probably best characterized as a lead guard. In a 110-91 win over South Kent this past weekend, he threw up a diverse stat line: four points, five rebounds, four assists, and five steals versus two turnovers.

"The entire MAAC is on him," said Bergeron. "And Atlantic 10s are coming on hard."

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