There's A Lot To Like About Malachi Peay

A look at the individual game of Malachi Peay who has been impressive this season ...

PROFILE: Malachi Peay

HIGH SCHOOL: Campus Magnet in Queens, New York


HEIGHT: 6-foot-5

POSITION: Swingman

CLASS: Senior, class of 2007

BRIAN TOWEY'S VIEW: Malachi is a physically impressive player and a good athlete who excels at getting to the line. He's a slashing/get in the gaps type who takes it strong to the rim, can absorb contact off of the drive, and get out and run the break.

Peay can defend multiple positions on the floor. If he can cut down on mental mistakes and add polish, it will enhance his stock. Malachi is a scholarship-level athlete.

WHAT MIKE SULLIVAN IS SAYING ABOUT MALACHI PEAY: Malachi is an impressive player. He works very hard on both ends and is difficult to stop when he accelerates to the basket. Peay was very impressive a few weekends back when his team played in the Big Apple Invitational at Hunter College.

There were programs like Providence and St. Francis in the stands watching. They had to be impressed with Peay's play, especially in the second half when he scored a bundle of points.

COLLEGES INTERESTED IN PEAY: Dartmouth, Columbia, and St. Francis of New York

IMPORTANT STATS: Peay averaged 19.2 points and 7.2 rebounds as a junior.

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