A Look At The Game Of Xaverian Hoops Player

Reporters Mike Sullivan and Brian Towey recently spent some time at Hofstra University watching several key players in the New York area. We update the profile of Brandon Romain ...

PROFILE: Brandon Romain

HIGH SCHOOL: Xaverian High School in Brooklyn, New York

CLASS: 2008


HEIGHT: 6-foot-2

WEIGHT: 165 pounds

POSITION: Shooting Guard

WHAT JACK ALESI IS SAYING: Brandon Romain has a great, athletic body. The Brandon Romain you see now is not going to be the same Brandon Romain you see in two months or a year from now. He's getting better every day.

He's got all the physical tools. He just needs to learn how to play the game. He's doing a good job. Nobody outplays him in practice.

BRIAN TOWEY'S VIEW: The lefthander is rangy, with plenty of length and an uncommonly large wingspan. He's difficult to contain off of the bounce, a slasher who can get separation, contort, and convert on tough drives, or get into the lane and stick floaters.

AS A SOPHOMORE: Romain averaged 12.6 points.

BRIAN TOWEY'S CONCLUSION: "Gaining strength is definitely a priority for Romain, as is shooting the ball more consistently. He is a Division I caliber prospect whose development under one of the CHSAA's top coaches will bear watching."

MIKE SULLIVAN'S VIEW: I have to agree with Brian's accessment. Romain stepped aside this past weekend while players like Reggie Davis, Patrick Jackson, Matt Troisi, James Padgett, and Vincent Council had solid games against St. John's The Baptist at the Hope Through Hoops Classic.

Being able to shoot the ball better with some decent consistency will be the key to Romain and his individual game progress. But Alesi is convinced that Romain has the physical skills to make him a very successful player.

It's the areas of shooting, handling the ball, and passing that are the focus of improvement for Alesi. And Alesi is a pretty good judge of talent. So bank on Romain becoming a key player for Xaverian and worth watching over the next two seasons.

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