2009 Upstate Forward Might Miss AAU Season

Reporter Mike Sullivan spoke to Albany City Rocks program director Jim Hart about some of his players ...

Michael Goodman, 6-foot-6 and 225 pounds, is the player this site will likely cover extensively for the next couple of years. He is a very talented 2009 prospect who first opened our eyes by winning the Most Valuable Player in the 16 and under Rumble in the Bronx category.

Goodman, currently a sophomore at Christian Brothers Academy in upstate New York, is physically fit and athletically impressive. "He has zero percent body fat," said Albany City Rocks program director Jim Hart.

In the past, Hart has made favorable mentions of Goodman with former Duke player and now NBA player Shane Battier. But Hart may not have Goodman this summer.

"From what I know he may need some work on his knee," Hart said. "But it will take place after his high school season. So it's likely we won't have him this summer."

Goodman already has many schools interested in his skills. Georgia Tech and Syracuse have already expressed interest. But it certainly is very early in his recruiting process.

"He's going to be a very good college player," Hart said. "He does so many things well on the court."

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