Upstate Big Man Has Some D-1 Interest

Reporter Mike Sullivan has an update on a big man from New York State ...

Jameson Keefe, a 7-foot-4 center from Troy High School in Troy, N.Y., continues to make progress in his individual game, according to Albany City Rocks program director Jim Hart.

"He is playing better, he improves each game," Hart said. "The question is whether he needs another year on the prep level or should redshirt at a college or university."

If you forgot about our last report, Hart stated that Keefe had surgery on his ankles so there was no chance to watch the big man play this past summer.

Hart has stated that Keefe loves playing the game too. There have been times in the past that despite size of a player's frame has exceeded 7-feet for some prospects, it never measured up to that player's heart.

"He is running better," Hart said. "The Ivy League schools should be interested in him because he is a very good student. UNC-Greensboro has expressed some interest too."

Hart said Keefe is open. "Schools just have to get a chance to come up there and watch him play," he said.

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