Profile: Rice Guard Chris Fouch

Reporter Mike Sullivan profiles Rice guard Chris Fouch, a 2008 prospect ...

PROFILE: Chris Fouch

HIGH SCHOOL: Maurice Hicks

HEIGHT: 6-foot

WEIGHT: 170 Pounds

CLASS: 2008

SCHOOLS OF INTEREST: Seton Hall, St. John's, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Long Island University, Albany, and Marist.

WHAT HIS HIGH SCHOOL COACH MAURICE HICKS SAYS ABOUT CHRIS FOUCH: I think Chris is a major player and very important to the success of our team I think he's the type of kid that's gone under the radar as far as colleges are concerned. I think a lot of major schools- even in the area- are overlooking his talent level. I don't know what they're looking for, but I can tell you from being around him in practice every day. I don't know how many people around the country can shoot the ball as accurately as he does.

MIKE SULLIVAN'S VIEW ON CHRIS FOUCH: While watching a recent game Rice played, one assistant coach from a major conference school stated, "That kid can play because he can shoot it."

Fouch's ability to ring up points via long distance enhances his chances of playing major division one basketball. Like most high school players, if the consistency angle is improved, so will the scholarship offers.

-- Brian Towey contributed to this story

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