Profile: Xaverian's Brandon Romain

Reporters Mike Sullivan and Brian Towey give us their thoughts on Brandon Romain ...

PROFILE: Brandon Romain

HIGH SCHOOL: Xaverian High School in Brooklyn, New York

CLASS: 2008 (Currently A Junior)


HEIGHT: 6-foot-2

WEIGHT: 165 pounds

HOMETOWN: Canarsie, N.Y.

POSITION: Shooting Guard

WHAT JACK ALESI IS SAYING: Brandon Romain has a great, athletic body. He's got all the physical tools. He just needs to learn how to play the game. He's doing a good job. Nobody outplays him in practice.

BRIAN TOWEY'S VIEW: The lefthander is rangy, with plenty of length and an uncommonly large wingspan. He's difficult to contain off of the bounce, a slasher who can get separation, contort, and convert on tough drives, or get into the lane and stick floaters.

MIKE SULLIVAN'S VIEW: Romain is on a team that has plenty of division one talent. So the opportunity to improve his game during Xaverian's practices increases due to the deep talent level on its roster.

Making himself available for shots are important for any underclassman. And consistency will be the focus for Brandon over the next year as he progresses in his individual game. Alesi has correctly pointed out that Brandon has the physical skills. Now, there's time to make improvements on both ends of the court for Romain.

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