Profile: New York City Sophomore Forward

Reporter Mike Sullivan has a profile on Xaverian forward James Padgett ...

PROFILE: James Padgett

HEIGHT: 6-foot-7

WEIGHT: 212 Pounds

HIGH SCHOOL: Xaverian High School in Brooklyn, New York


POSITION: Power Forward/Center

CLASS: Sophomore, Class of 2009

KEY ASPECTS TO JAMES PADGETT'S INDIVIDUAL GAME: Wearing the number #50 this season, James Padgett has impressed the reporters on this website with his ability to play around the basket.

Padgett makes his living scoring in the paint and he realizes he has to make his money pounding away against the bigger bodies around the rim.

WHAT MIKE SULLIVAN THINKS ABOUT JAMES PADGETT: The great news for James Padgett is he nightly competes against quality talent from the New York City Catholic League.

Padgett also has more advantages for future progress in his individual game -- he plays under one of the country's top high school coaches in Jack Alesi, who does a great job in stressing the fundamentals of the game.

In addition, the Xaverian roster is loaded with division one talent and Padgett gets to polish his craft and improve his game in the Xaverian practices.

CONCLUSION: It's up to James Padgett in how high a level he plays college basketball. He has proven he can score around the basket against tough competition. Having another two full seasons to continue this improvement should have us watching him intently over the next year especially.

RECRUITING INTEREST: It's early in the recruiting process for Padgett. But the mid level schools have already expressed interest while Big East schools Rutgers, Seton Hall, and St. John's have already scouted his games this season.

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