Akol: Has Plenty Of Talent To Play D-1 Ball

Reporter Mike Sullivan profiles the game of Teeng Akol of Our Savior New American ...

Teeng Akol, a 6-foot-10, 215-pound forward from Our Savior New American School in Centereach, New York, has come a long way to polish his craft. Akol, from the Sudan, seems to be much more comfortable after competing another season for the Pioneers this season.

Akol's situation is to be determined at a later date, according to Our Savior New American assistant coach Eric Jaklitsch.

Jaklitsch has been a big supporter of Teeng's individual game too. He first alerted us about his game and over the past year reporters from this website have watched him closely.

Jaklitsch said more of his academic information was needed to have a complete view on what Akol can do. Does Akol take a prep year? Can he play college ball over the next season or perhaps be relisted as a member of the 2008 class. It appears these answers will come over the next few months.

Teeng made his way to America in 2005. He has had plenty of support from Jaklitsch, Chris Phillips, Bob Bass, and Ron Stelzer since he arrived at Our Savior New American.

Akol can play too. He has the ability to shoot the perimeter shot and also possesses enough size to score and battle the big bodies inside the paint.

BRIAN TOWEY'S VIEW OF TEENG AKOL'S INDIVIDUAL GAME: After arriving in the States in October of 2005 from the Sudan via Egypt, Akol has settled into the American game for coach Ron Stelzer at OSNA, showing a deft shooting and passing touch out of the high post. He is a skilled big man whose versatility has him ensconced on the high major radar.

WHAT ERIC JAKLITSCH SAYS ABOUT TEENG AKOL: College coaches like that he's a face-up four man, that he's pretty skilled. He's a high post guy that can step out, pop out, and shoot the ball well, and can score with his back to the basket. He can also pass the ball a bit.

Previous school interest has listed DePaul, St. John's, Pittsburgh, and Kentucky. However, with the academic situation being what it is, eligibility issues first have to be solidified. It's likely an answer will come over the next few months and this is likely to determine Teeng's future college interests.

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