Lincoln Big Man Needed To Produce Sunday

Reporter Mike Sullivan discusses Seton Hall recruit Brandon Walters ...

Give Dwayne "Tiny" Morton tons of credit in guiding his team to the PSAL championship game this Sunday at Madison Square Garden. Morton is a coach that examines the progress of his individual players during the game and does a great job in adjusting to how his roster is performing quarter to quarter.

Morton did another excellent job last night in helping Lincoln High School land a spot in the final Sunday against Boys & Girls High School for the PSAL title game.

Tiny saw that his big man, Brandon Walters, was struggling. Off the bench came Justin Greene and it paid off quite well for Morton and his Railsplitters basketball program. Greene contributed 15 points and had a big second half. Walters spent most of the second half on the bench.

Brandon, who will compete for Seton Hall next season, is a player at 6-foot-8 that has some decent upside to his game. He has a soft touch from medium range along the perimeter and can block an occasional shot. But, for some reason, fouls seem to find him.

Walters will be needed to produce more than one point come Sunday against a deep and talented Boys & Girls High School team. Brandon is a player that can get you excited when he is sharp and on top of his game.

There is plenty of talent too on the Lincoln team. They do have enough to defeat Boys & Girls without a productive Walters. But it would make it an easier task to achieve if Brandon stayed out of foul trouble and played with passion.

This is the biggest game of the senior's high school career. And Pirate fans have been monitoring his 2006-2007 season. Walters needs to have a big game.

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