New Yorker Ready To Take Visit To Pepperdine

Reporter Brian Towey has a story on a New Yorker faring well down South ...

For Afam Muojeke, it is all starting to come together.

The late-blooming wing and native New Yorker turned it up in the last phase of his season at Genesis One Christian School in Mendenhall, Mississippi, rattling off two 40-point games at the National Association of Christian Athletes championships in Dayton, Tenn., earlier this month. And just last week, a qualifying ACT score came down the pike. Quite suddenly, those phone calls and scattered interest turned into offers and official visits.

"I've set up an official visit to Pepperdine for next Wednesday," said Muojeke. "And I just set up an official visit to Wyoming for April 13th. I'm also planning on taking official visits to UTEP, Southern Miss, and Tennessee-Chattanooga. I haven't set those up yet. The schools said that they would get back to me after the Final Four."

Muojeke's recruiting approach is somewhat unique. While he has some iron-clad offers on the table, he's going to play out the live period in April on the AAU circuit and wait for the movement on the coaching job market to slow during this frenetic stretch.

"A lot of coaches have been getting on me lately, and a lot of coaches are looking for new jobs," said Muojeke. "(For instance) Heath Schroyer, he just got the Wyoming job, and he recruited me hard when he was at Fresno State."

Muojeke will play during April for the D-I Stars, formerly known at the New York Skyriders, coached by J.R. Rembert. Among other events, the Stars will attend the Real Deal on the Hill in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

A native of Queens, Muojeke has attended Genesis One for the past two years, enrolling there from John Bowne High School as a twiggy, 16-year old senior. According to Genesis One coach Victor Evans, his physical growth has been noteworthy, as has his development and maturity as a player.

"He's playing to his strengths now," said Evans. "When he's on his game, we want him to shoot the basketball. He's 6-6 and he's got a 6-8-6-9 wingspan, and he can really shoot the basketball."

After receiving scant Division I interest at John Bowne, Muojeke has seen his college prospects brighten considerably in his second year down South, and in particular since the New Year. With recruitable talent at a premium this spring, his options could very well broaden in the next month.

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