FINAL LOOK: Lincoln High School Big Man

A profile on Brandon Walters is updated by Mike Sullivan ...

PROFILE: Brandon Walters

HIGH SCHOOL: Lincoln High School in Brooklyn, New York

HIGH SCHOOL COACH: Dwayne "Tiny" Morton

HEIGHT: 6-foot-9

WEIGHT: 220 Pounds

COLLEGE OF CHOICE: The Pirates of Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey (Big East Conference)

POSITION: Center/Power Forward

MIKE SULLIVAN'S VIEW: Brandon is a player who picked up his play in the playoffs. Known for getting soft fouls limiting his ability to make an impact on some basketball games, Walters needs to be more assertive in the low post area. This is easier said then done because Brandon seemed to have a hard time staying out of foul trouble in some games.

Walters will be needed to help the Pirates out around the basket though Brandon is quite capable of using his soft touch from the perimeter (medium range). Bobby G is known as a workhorse in the recruiting circles. It's up to the little energy bunny to push Walters to his utmost potential.

Walters does have tremendous upside to his game. As Brandon adds more muscle and strength to his frame, he will be able to limit his fouls and be able to gain more important minutes on the court. Seton Hall fans will need to be patient too.

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