Final Profile Update: Marcos Tamares

Reporter Mike Sullivan gives us a final profile update on Marcos Tamares ...

PROFILE: Marcos Tamares

HIGH SCHOOL: St. Mary's High School in Manhasset, New York (Long Island)


HEIGHT: 6-foot-6 1/2 inches

WEIGHT: 190 Pounds

CLASS: 2007, a senior graduating this year

POINTS AND REBOUNDS PER GAME: 15 points a game, 10 rebounds per game

WHAT HIS HIGH SCHOOL COACH IS SAYING: "He is a legit wing player," St. Mary's head coach Rob Jones said. "Marcos is a good student too. He should be able to play the small forward position on the college level."

COLLEGE MARCOS SIGNED WITH: University of Maryland Baltimore County

CONCLUSION: Marcos should have a solid career for UMBC. He works hard and did a great job of doing what coach Robert Jones asked him to do. Tamares is going to the right level too and should have an impact.

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