New Yorker Ready For The Next Challenge

Reporter Mike Sullivan has a story on New Yorker Jabari Edwards ...

Over the past couple of seasons, one of the more intriguing big man prospects in the New York area has been Jabari Edwards. The 6-foot-10 center who played at St. Benedict's Prep in Newark, New Jersey this past season has always given us the impression he had some big upside to his game.

While the word upside is not an action verb in terms of production, it is one that most college coaches that recruited him over the past two years have utilized the most when discussing his individual game.

Now it's time for Jabari to produce and deliver. He is expected to do so starting next season at George Washington in the Atlantic 10. This is a great opportunity for Edwards. "I think I have improved my game," said Edwards after he competed in the Jordan regional All Star game held at Madison Square Garden.

Edwards shot four of 10 from the floor on Saturday night. And he also grabbed 10 rebounds. This will be the key area for Jabari as he prepares himself for the next challenge -- the college basketball level. Rebounding is a key aspect of any big man's value.

"I just have to work hard on every possession," he said. "You have to battle for every loose ball."

If Edwards is able to develop some consistency in this area and stays aggressive offensively in the low post, Jabari can be a very effective player on the college level.

Edwards played 24 minutes on Saturday night for the City team. He got several touches. Another impressive statistic for Jabari this night is he only had one turnover. Big men are usually prone to turnovers when they are surrounded in the paint. Jabari did a solid job in protecting the basket.

It's now up to Edwards to deliver. Judging by the way he has improved his focus over the past year, he should have a very good college career.

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