Metro Hawks Swingman Still Has Big List

Reporter Mike Sullivan spoke to Sylven Landesberg of the Metro Hawks tonight ...

Sylven Landesberg is easy to recognize on the basketball court. His fluid motion is constantly seeking a successful trip to the basket. And, most of the time, Sylven is quite skilled at connecting on his drives to the rim.

Tonight, it was a typical Landesberg show. He scored 18 points, 10 of them on swift moves to the basket. Sylven also demonstrated his ability to shoot the ball from the perimeter. He netted a three-pointer and another jumper from the left side.

Because of these terrific offensive skills, Landesberg is being heavily recruited. And he has a pretty big list too. The 2008 recruit stated he isn't leaning either to one school.

"I am interested in St. John's, Georgia Tech, Virginia, Texas, Florida, and Florida State," Landesberg said. "I really don't have any leaders or leader right now."

Sylven doesn't have a date in mind either to make a college decision. He knows it will be a difficult one and wants to take his time. "I have to speak to my family and coach about it," he said.

Landesberg is a tireless worker too, constantly working on his individual game. He has remarkable stamina and it is probably because Sylven is in tremendous shape, probably better than most high school basketball players.

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