Player Profile: 2009 Superior Athlete From NY

Reporter Mike Sullivan a player profile on Lance Stephenson ...

PLAYER PROFILE: Lance Stephenson

HEIGHT: 6-foot-5 1/2

WEIGHT: 190 Pounds

POSITION: Shooting Guard/Small Forward

HIGH SCHOOL: Lincoln High School in Brooklyn, New York


AAU TEAM: The Juice All Stars


MIKE SULLIVAN'S VIEW ON LANCE STEPHENSON'S INDIVIDUAL GAME: Having seen Stephenson now play close to 20 times in person, it's obvious to me that he is an incredible athlete who is just in the early stages of making improvements in how to utilize this gift.

Stephenson has shut down other great offensive players, has taken over games offensively, and plays with at times reckless aggression. In other words, he's worth the price of admission.

With a couple of seasons left on the high school level and with a coach like Dwayne Morton guiding him, Stephenson should turn out to be one of the best players in the 2009 class by the time his graduating year rolls around.

If he is able to discipline the incredible athletic ability into his game, he will end up being a McDonald's All American. He is that good.

And it's why almost every major basketball program has offered him. Stephenson doesn't prefer to talk about lists or schools, but it is known that many of the schools in the New York area have already offered the sophomore star.

Stephenson has enough athletic skills to make it to the top level, he's just in the early stages of forming his game.

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