Updated Profile: New York City Guard

Reporter Mike Sullivan has a profile look at Darius Gabriel ...

PROFILE UPDATE: Darius Gabriel

HEIGHT: 6-foot

WEIGHT: 177 Pounds

CLASS: 2008, a senior this upcoming Fall

POSITION: Point Guard

LAST SEASON'S PREP SCHOOL: The Winchendon School in Massachussets

NEXT SEASON'S PREP SCHOOL: Notre Dame Prep in Massachusetts

HOMETOWN: Far Rockaway, New York

PREVIOUS HIGH SCHOOL: Bishop Loughlin in Brooklyn, New York


COLLEGES/UNIVERSITIES OF INTEREST: It's early right now for Gabriel and his list. It's likely to be determined how he competes in the next couple of months. Gabriel has consistently mentioned interest in Rhode Island, Xavier, Tennessee, Florida, Kansas, Iowa, Maryland, and Memphis. But the list will be determined in how well he plays in the evaluation month -- July.

BRIAN TOWEY'S PREVIOUS VIEW OF DARIUS GABRIEL'S INDIVIDUAL GAME: Darius Gabriel is elusive off the dribble, capable of changing speeds and getting to the rim. He's been working on his consistency shooting the ball.

MIKE SULLIVAN'S VIEW OF DARIUS GABRIEL'S INDIVIDUAL GAME: Gabriel is a player that can sparkle. When his game is really on, his jumper is falling causing defenders to have to play him honest on the perimeter. If he is able to drop his jumper down more consistently, Gabriel can dart past these defenders to either score on drives or find open teammates. So it's pretty simple for Darius -- fine tune the jumper.

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