Mookie Jones Is Target Of High D-1 Schools

Reporter Mike Sullivan spoke to Westchester Hawks head coach Bob Rizzo about Mookie Jones ...

Mookie Jones is the kind of recruit every college coach dreams of signing. He stands around 6-foot-6 or 6-foot-7. And he works very hard. Mookie is also so unselfish.

His unselfishness was on full display when he had an easy layup in a pool game at the Rumble in the Bronx this past weekend. Inside the Rose Hill gym, many expected Mookie to just lay the ball in. Instead, Jones handed it back to a teammate for the try.

"He is unselfish," Westchester Hawks head coach Bob Rizzo agreed. "But that's Mookie. He's always been unselfish. Mookie is very concerned about his teammates being happy."

Rizzo knows Mookie pretty well too. "I have had him for four years and I have seen his game evolve into one of the best we have ever had here," Rizzo said.

It's evolved to the point where major schools are recruiting him and offering scholarships. Jones has St. John's and Syracuse and Providence already offering him a scholarship to attend their Big East schools.

"He's that good," Rizzo said. "When the game is on the line or the better the competition, Mookie always takes over the game in the fourth quarter. He hits the big shots."

There are many other high division one schools recruiting Mookie hard from schools along the East Coast especially. It's a long list but it's safe to say that these schools consider Jones a player that would help them win basketball games.

"He can play the two (shooting guard) or three (small forward)," said Rizzo. "He can handle the ball in transition and make the pass."

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