Player Profile: New Rochelle HS Guard

Reporter Mike Sullivan produces a player profile on Simeon Marsalis ...

PLAYER PROFILE: Simeon Marsalis

HEIGHT: 5-foot-11

POSITIONS: Point Guard/Shooting Guard

HIGH SCHOOL: New Rochelle High School in New Rochelle, New York

AAU TEAM: Westchester Hawks


WHAT BOB RIZZO THINKS ABOUT SIMEON MARSALIS' INDIVIDUAL GAME: Simeon is a very athletic guard who has the ability to surprise people defensively and offensively.

Simeon has a good basketball IQ. He also is very quick, it's a quickness that sometimes catches either his defender or the person he is defending off guard.

He plays for a winning high school program too. So it's obvious that he knows how to play the game of basketball and can adjust to many situations during the game.

I am very confident when he is on the court for us too. He can play in the Ivy Leagues or low division one teams or even a high division II team.

MIKE SULLIVAN'S VIEW ON SIMEON MARSALIS' INDIVIDUAL GAME: Simeon comes from a terrific high school basketball program and spending time with Bob Rizzo's Westchester Hawks this summer will only give him more exposure to the college coaches watching.

This month is a great opportunity for Simeon as it could elevate his chances of landing some college offers. How he produces in the alotted time given is key. He must capitalize on every minute he is allowed on the court.

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