Rising Junior Big Man Ignites Xaverian Win

Reporter Mike Sullivan has a story from Holy Cross High School ...

Xaverian High School features some of the best talent in the New York City area. With head coach Jack Alesi looking on from the top of the stands at Holy Cross High School, he had to be impressed with two of his star players -- James Padgett and Patrick Jackson.

Padgett, a rising junior big man, showed some neat agility around the basket with his moves. He scored 17 points, grabbed some rebounds and blocked some shots to lead Xaverian to a 60-32 victory over Beacon at the 2007 Super Hoop Jam Fest held inside the heated gym at Holy Cross.

Padgett showed soft hands and confidence in handling the ball in the low post. He got more sure of his ability to score as the game wore on in the second half. Xaverian held only a seven-point lead heading into the second half at 26-19.

Jackson was also terrific, showing power on his drives to the basket and a soft touch from the perimeter. Patrick scored 20 points, including a few jumpers from the outside.

This contest was blown open thanks to the inside play of Padgett and the offensive balance of Jackson. Many college coaches from the New York area were impressed with both players. It's likely each of these players will end up at a division one school down the road.

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