Player Profile: 2008 Forward Prospect

A look at the individual game of Allan Chaney from the state of Connecticut


HEIGHT: 6-foot-9

WEIGHT: 220 Pounds

HIGH SCHOOL: New London High School in New London, Connecticut

POSITIONS: Power Forward/Center

CLASS: 2008

AAU PROGRAM: Connecticut Phenom Elite

COLLEGE/UNIVERSITIES OF INTEREST: Florida, Texas A&M, Boston College, Connecticut, Ohio State, Virginia, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Kansas State and Georgetown

COLLEGE OFFERS: Florida, Texas A&M, Boston College, Virginia, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Kansas State, and Georgetown

FAVORITE SCHOOLS: Florida, Texas A&M, Boston College, Georgetown and Ohio State

DECISION TIME: Not sure of when he might make a decision

STRENGTHS IN HIS INDIVIDUAL GAME: Allan is a very versatile player. His individual game has a lot of upside to it and he appears to be improving from event to event. He's likely to land more offers as the summer finishes up. He also has a mid-range game.

AREAS TO IMPROVE IN HIS INDIVIDUAL GAME: Chaney needs to make sure each possession is played hard all the time. If he is to achieve a high elite status, Allan needs to use his size to become a better defensive presence.

CONCLUSION: Allan as a world of talent. He has a soft touch at mid range with a power game and body inside. He has had a tremendous summer camp season and also has played well with his AAU team. Schools have jumped on him in a hurry and with a look at the schools quickly. He is a typical big man who needs to play hard all the time.

*This evaluation took place at the current Eastern Invitational camp being held in Trenton, New Jersey by Frank Mantesta, who currently works for the high school New York website. Frank is a former head coach (St. Anthony's on Long Island).

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