New Jersey Prospect Has Solid Eastern Camp

A look at the individual game of R.J. Samuels who was evaluated at the Eastern Invitational camp ...


AAU TEAM: Delaware Sharp Shooters

COLLEGE INTERESTS: Army, Cornell, Richmond, Drexel, Utah, Utah State, Wisconsin, James Madison, and Loyola of Chicago


TIME OF FUTURE DECISION: During the basketball season

STRENGTHS: R.J. is a big, strong, physical guard who can shoot the three pointer with some effectiveness. He is also a great defender and he uses his size and strength to make it a strong part of his game. He will need to improve his ballhandling.

CONCLUSION: R.J. was a hit at the Wisconsin camp. They are looking at their scholarship situation. There are a lot of programs that just started to get involved with R.J.

Seeing him over the last week at Eastern Invitational camp tells me more teams and offers will be coming.

Samuels gets his teammates involved. He is a strong defender and with his body type plays a physical game.

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