Cardozo Forward Settles In On JUCO

Reporter Mike Sullivan has story on Chris Abney who played at Cardozo High School last year ...

Cardozo head coach Ron Naclerio said today that solid forward prospect Chris Abney has decided to play college basketball on the JUCO level. Abney, 6-foot-7 and 220 pounds, is just 17 years old.

"Chris visited Hutchinson Community College and had a great time," Naclerio said. "He liked what they had to say so he has decided to go there this year."

Abney was a steady player for Naclerio's Cardozo basketball program and the energetic leader of the PSAL powerhouse was a big supporter of Chris and his individual game.

"I think he can play division one college basketball," Naclerio said. "He was a reason for our success."

From A Previous Report On Abney's Game:

MIKE SULLIVAN'S VIEW: Chris Abney is a player that doesn't receive much publicity but he's hard-nosed and solid player around the basket. He did everything Ron Naclerio asked him to do and he accomplishes little tasks that don't get noticed by the average fan (picks, screens, rotating the ball smartly, etc).

WHAT CARDOZO HEAD COACH RON NALERIO SAYS ABOUT CHRIS ABNEY: "Chris can play division one basketball. He works very hard and was getting better each year for us. He can be a solid player somewhere on the division one level."

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