Hart: Lyons Has Tremendous Amount Of Talent

Reporter Mike Sullivan spoke to Jim Hart about Mark Lyons and his individual game ...

Talent. It's a word associated the most with the abilities of Mark Lyons, Man energetic, spunky guard from the Albany City Rocks AAU basketball program and formerly of the South Kent basketball team. According to Brewster head coach Jason Smith, Lyons will join his basketball program this season.

Lyons has an abundance of talent. It's learning how to utilize it that will dictate how successful he will be this season as well as on the division one level. Mark has already given a commitment to Xavier of Ohio.

"He has so much talent," said Albany City Rocks program director Jim Hart. "When he gets to the next level and his teammates become familiar with his skills and how he runs an offense, it's going to be fun to watch."

The reporters on this website watched Lyons play several times over the summer. Lyons, 6-foot-1, is an athletic guard who loves to ram the ball down an defender's throat with his speed and quickness. He is aggressive and a terror in transition too. Mark is relentless and has a great deal of confidence.

The 2008 prospect should have a solid college career, according to Hart. "He has the ability to be an impact guard," Hart stated.

Hart added: "He is just so talented. When his teammates understand what he can do individually it will work out fine. Mark can do anything on the court. It's making sure he helps his teammates understand where to be on the floor when he has the ball."

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