Hun Forward Could Take Five Visits

Reporter Mike Sullivan spoke to Hun forward Lance Goulbourne ...

After having a terrific summer of AAU ball, Hun forward Lance Goulbourne finds himself in a pretty attractive position for a 2008 recruit. The hard-working New Jersey high school star now has a list of seven schools.

"Marquette, Virginia, and Vanderbilt are set up for visits," Goulbourne said. "But I am also considering a fourth and possibly fifth visit. The schools that I might visit are Notre Dame, Louisville, Rutgers, and Michigan."

Goulbourne will visit Marquette on September 10th, Virginia on September 22nd, and Vanderbilt on September 29th. Lance has previously stated Vanderbilt was the school to beat in his recruiting process.

"The reason why they are in the top part of my list is because they have been recruiting me for a long time, the academic situation there is great, and they play in a high major conference in the SEC," Lance said. "But the other schools still have a chance and it's why I will be visiting them too."

Goulbourne has already unofficially visited Rutgers and it was obvious the staff at RU is intent on waging a war to land him. While Goulbourne was in Florida playing at the Super Showcase inside the Milk House on the grounds of Disney World, most of these schools, including Rutgers, kept a close eye on Lance's terrific play. While playing at the Wide World of Sports complex, Goulbourne was outstanding, especially in the rebounding department.

"I was the biggest guy on our team," Lance said. "So I had to help out in that area. I thought I had a pretty good summer."

The word to describe his play in Florida was "outstanding." Lance said, for the most part, the schools think he fits in at the small forward slot. "I am more comfortable at that position," he said. "Most schools think I can make an impact right away and play the small forward position."

Goulbourne took some vacation time and is now recovering from a sore throat. "I am feeling better now," he said. "Now I have to work."

Work being that Lance continues to be employed at the U.S. Open tennis event in Flushing, New York as a ball boy. "I am not at the net getting the balls," Goulbourne said. "I am in the back. We rotate from court to court each day but mainly I am on the big courts. It's my fifth year doing this."

Lance is also on the high school tennis team. "I have been playing tennis since I was three years old," he said. "I used to be very good. But when I got to Hun (Princeton, New Jersey) I stopped playing at most of the events. But I do play for the high school team still. I have a pretty good overall game."

Goulbourne could be one of those rare athletes -- able to master tennis and the game of basketball. Former NBA star John Lucas was one such player who accomplished this tough feat. Goulbourne was unsure whether he would like to take a shot at both. "Right now I am just looking at basketball and getting my education," he said. "If it happens it would be great."

Oh, "great" would be another word to describe Goulbourne's summer too.

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