Big Man Ready For Big East Challenge

Reporter Mike Sullivan interviewed Samardo Samuels ...

The Mobile Elite 24 All Star game held at Rucker Park was another event for Samardo Samuels to showcase his skills. It's already been known in the New York area for the past three years in how good Samuels was, even during the time he made some terrific contributions off the bench as a freshman for Our Savior New American.

Samuels is now ready for another season at St. Benedict's in Newark, New Jersey, his final year on the high school level. At 6-foot-9 and 245 pounds, Samuels is an imposing figure for any defending forward.

"I just try to work on all parts of my game during the summer," Samuels said. "I have always tried to do that when I am not playing a game."

Samuels has already given a commitment to Rick Pitino's basketball program at Louisville. "I liked everything about Louisville," Samuels said. "I think my game can really move forward while I am there."

How long Samuels stays is yet to be determined. But Samardo has made enough progress to demonstrate he is physically capable of handling the rigors of the Big East Conference. "I speak to the coaches there," Samuels said. "They just tell me to watch my weight. They like it where I am at right now."

Samardo's favorite player growing up was Tim Duncan. "He works hard and is still a great player," Samuels says. "I like the way he plays too. He is a complete player."

The key for Samuels is a couple of words that he reminds himself each game. "Stay hungry," he said. "I want to stay hungry on every possession. I want to win every battle inside whether it is defending or trying to score."

Samuels has one more season to prepare himself for the next level. It's likely he will receive some serious consideration for the McDonald's All American game as well as other top honors. But he is focused on two things right now in his life.

"School and helping my team win games," Samuels said. "That's what I want to do over the next year."

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