Big Man From OSNA Heads Up North

Reporter Mike Sullivan has story on OSNA big man John Riek ...

After the months of speculation and rumor, apparently the conclusion of the John Riek story has come upon us this week. According to Our Savior New American assistant coach Eric Jaklitsch, Riek left school this week.

"He took his stuff and left," Jaklitsch said this morning before the New York Elite defeated KYDA in the IS8 Fall League in South Jamaica, New York.

Jaklitsch said Riek is likely to reclassify to the class of 2008 and be declared a postgraduate. Then Riek has some decisions to make while playing up North.

Jaklitsch felt that Riek would enroll at The Winchendon School in Massachusetts, a place that has been rumored and reported on by some sites on the network.

Riek could not be reached for comment. But he was not with the New York Elite today at IS8. "He's not with us anymore," Jaklitsch said. "He left."

Riek Suas is a terrific defensive player. His long arms and big frame at 7-foot-2 make him an attractive high division one recruit. His offensive skills still need to be polished.

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