Holy Cross Star Praises St. John's Visit

Reporter Mike Sullivan has story on Sylven Landesberg's recent trip ...

One of the country's top scoring high school seniors completed his official visit to St. John's. And according to standout wing player Sylven Landesberg, the trip was a success.

"I didn't realize there were so many things to see on the campus," said Landesberg. "The dorms were better than I thought. I really had a fine time."

Landesberg has now visited St. John's, Texas, and Virginia. He plans on visiting Georgia Tech this weekend. But Landesberg was willing to share more thoughts on his visit to the Queens campus.

"I know the coaches well there," he said. "I like that they work their players hard and expect their players to work hard all the time."

Landesberg, whose work ethic is well known here in the New York area, is one of the hardest working athletes on any level. He spends a great deal of time working out and preparing himself physically for the basketball season.

"I know the coaches (St. John's staff) there can take me to the next level," Landesberg said.

Sylven also said kind words about the Virginia trip. "I had a nice time there and got to play with the players there," he said. "I thought I held my own."

Landesberg said Kentucky has faded from his recruiting process. So it appears that a decision will likely come sometime after his visit to Georgia Tech this weekend. So don't expect Landesberg to be at IS8 this Thursday when the Knights play. "I will be on my trip to Georgia Tech," he said.

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